Owner Message

Vaco Group Holgings owner message in 2024

 In the beginning, I hope you get what you wish for in the new year. And God felicitate bless you all. Although we had a lot of problems in the past year, but with the help of each other, we were able to overcome it with pride.  Thank you, my dear colleagues, for having over 17,500 people in the world. A year passed with all ups and downs but your effort and devotion is unforgetable.it is a general truth that in hardship the great people are brought up,though each one of you are the grand and influential and have survived this ship in a wavy and stormy condition successfully.  Wishing you a day when there is no more  poverty and  disease in the world.
 The year 2024 has started and with the help of all you employees and heroes of this field, we will finish the ways to success in the best possible way and we will become a bigger family.

                                                                               Dr Meghdad Bigdello